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The Best Flower Bed and Landscaping Services in the Austin Area

Consider the professionals at Bioscapes when you decide to implement new landscaping to your home.  Bioscapes, takes an artistic approach to landscape design, your friends and neighbors will be envious of your home.  We offer a varied array of landscape design services, to include: tree trimming, flower beds, outdoor construction, just to name a few.   We are a one stop shop for any and all of your landscaping and construction needs. Call us today to set up your free quote!

Landscape Design Services

Transform your outdoor space into something you can enjoy for years to come. Our landscape design services may include different aspects of landscaping.  We can incorporate artificial turf, flower beds and sod installations.  Perhaps you are thinking of xeriscaping to limit maintenance and conserve water or a lush colorful backyard for family gatherings; we can do it all.  Our premium designs  implement elements such as concrete work, masonry work and construction.   Bioscapes is mindful of the environment surrounding your outdoor space while bringing your creativity to life.   

We are passionate about delivering the best eye-catching and comfortable space of your dreams from the first step.  We take the time to understand:

  • Your vision
  • Intended use of the space
  • Your needs
  • Design style, likes and dislikes

We then use that information along with your provided budget to develop a detailed design, tailored specifically for your home and needs.  Your satisfaction is important to us.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. 

The Landscape Design Process

Our landscape design process is simple and straightforward.  We provide several options for our clients to maximize their savings and produce results that fall in line with their vision.  Once you choose an option, give us a call, and provide us your budget to schedule your free estimate.  ***Please note, free 1-hour estimates are only offered with a budget provided by new customers.**

Option 1: You provide personal/homemade design. No design fees apply.

Option 2: You provide a professional 3rd party design. No design fees apply.

Option 3: We design and build your project from start to finish. Design fees apply.

Landscape design pricing: Our design and build pricing typically starts at $15,000 for residential backyards and goes up from there. Of course, we can always accommodate smaller budgets as well!

Comprehensive Landscaping Services 

When you want to increase the curb appeal and livability of your grounds contact Bioscapes. We are the best landscape construction company in the Austin, Texas area.

Our most comprehensive service offered is our landscape design.  However, we don't limit ourselves to only one service.  We provide individual services at great affordable rates from tree trimming, yard clean up, french drains, tree removal, and much more!   

Call us today for your free quote!

Flower Bed and Garden Installations

Flower beds and gardens are an integral piece of an overall landscape design.  Whether you choose to do an entirely new landscape design or start with a flower/garden bed first, Bioscapes can certainly accommodate your needs!  We have numerous choices available when it comes to implementation of your idea.

Just like all of our work, our flower beds and gardens are constructed by experienced professionals.   We build flower and garden beds with a variety of materials.  You can choose from:

  • Metal edge installation
  • Stone flower beds 
  • Metal planters
  • Raised flower beds

Our flower beds and gardens incorporate all or some elements of tree planting, shrub planting, flower planting and mulch installation.  A great way we recommend to protect your investment is with a drip irrigation system installation.  We have the capability and know-how to install a drip system that will efficiently water your new outdoor landscape. 

Whatever your needs may be we take your input and transform it into something you are sure to love!  When it comes to flower bed ideas, don't hesitate to speak with our professionals regarding considerations for your ideal design.   View our FB and Reviews galleries to get inspiration on a flower bed, garden, and landscaping ideas.

Flower bed and garden installation pricing:

Our flower bed and garden installation design are very reasonable.  Typically, on a normal size lot in Austin, you can expect to pay about $1500 to start and the price can go up.  Beds will normally have a form of edging, soil amendments, plants and mulch.  For basic flower and garden beds as described above this is typical, other types of gardens will usually differ in price. 

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

We remove, trim, and prune all types of trees at prices that you can afford.  Tree trimming and pruning is essential for the overall health of your trees, since trees can become diseased and unhealthy if maintenance is neglected.  Regular maintenance not only protects the health of your trees but also protects your property.  Unkept trees have the potential to cause property damage in the form of roof damage, vehicle damage, structural damage to homes, sheds, fences, and landscaping. 

Pricing: Tree trimming, shrub trimming, and pruning services can start as low as $100.00, but really depend on the number of trees/shrubs, size of trees/shrubs, possible property damage, and the overall health of the trees.

Shrub Maintenance

In addition to our tree and shrub maintenance services, we also offer tree removal and shrub removal.  For tree removal we take a risk management approach to minimize any potential property damage.  Removing a tree from your property is a very skilled task that is best left to professionals like BioScapes. Along with tree removal, we can remove and replace shrubs of any type, clean up all debris, and also provide yard clean ups.  Yard clean ups can be in conjunction with tree removal or trimming or sold as a standalone service. Just say the word and we can change your landscape by adding new trees and shrubs with our trademark friendliness and efficiency.

Pricing: Tree removal and shrub removal pricing is dependent on a number of factors. For basic reference tree removal can be as low as $400 for small trees and up from there. Yard clean ups start at $350 and go up from there. Call us for a free quote!

After a tree or shrub is removed, a stump will remain unless we remove the stump.  Our tree stump removal service is also very competitively priced.  Along with tree removal or perhaps you have stumps left from a previous project on your property; we can grind them down and remove those pesky tree stumps. Call today to book an appointment.

Pricing: Tree stump removal pricing starts at $50.00 per stump but pricing also depends on the number of stumps and size of stumps needing to be removed.

Sod Installation

Need help deciding which type of grass to install in your yard? Our crew has years of experience installing sod and will come up with a solution that is sure to work for you.

Some considerations to take into account when selecting sod are sun requirements, water requirements, and budget. The most budget friendly turfgrasses we install have traditionally been Bermuda and St. Augustine sod. Our sod installation includes many different types of turfgrass and all of their different varieties, our turfgrass selection is as follows:

  • Bermuda,
  • St. Augustine
  • Zoysia
  • Buffalo turfgrass

Our sod installation includes all prep work, soil amendments (when necessary), delivery, and clean up.  We will install your sod at a price you'll love.

Pricing: Sod pricing starts at $600 per pallet of sod (common Bermuda/St. Augustine), a pallet covers 450 square feet.  Volume discounts are applied when 3 or more pallets of sod are ordered.  If replacing a complete lawn or choosing a high quality/ variety of sod, pallet pricing will be adjusted upward for additional prep work/cost of sod as necessary.

Lawn Aeration

In some cases a struggling lawn can be repaired instead of replaced.  Lawn aeration can sometimes be a helpful alternative to re-sodding areas.  Lawn aeration helps loosen up compacted soils and turf, allowing the free flow of oxygen into the soil and turfgrass root system.  Lawn aeration in conjunction with an organic top dressing can benefit many lawns in most cases saving homeowners hundreds of dollars on sod.  Bioscapes offers lawn aeration services along with top dressing and other services that may be a better alternative to replacing existing turf.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and free estimate!

Pricing: Lawn aeration starts at $120 for small yards and goes up from there.


At Bioscapes we believe in environmentally friendly solutions for our landscape installations.  Xeriscape installations are just one way we can achieve this goal.  By introducing native and adapted plants to our xeriscape installations, along with gravel or loose fill installation, landscape leveling and grading, and decorative rock installations we can be more water conscious and eco-friendly.  What this means for you, the homeowner, is a low maintenance and budget friendly installation.

Our xeriscape installations include preparation of the area by leveling and grading the landscape, installing a weed restrictor fabric, plant installations, tree installations, mulch installations, and gravel or decorative rock installations.

Pricing:  Xeriscape installation pricing for yards in the Austin, TX area for Bioscapes usually starts at about $2500 and up, but depends on a variety of factors including type of design and gravel requested.

Water Management Solutions

When it comes to water management solutions, Bioscapes has got you covered.  We are an NDS Certified Drainage Contractor.  We are experts in providing landscape drainage installations for standing water, excess water runoff, and redirecting water away from property. So, whether you need help with gutter downspout runoff, water around your foundation, water in your yard, or water on your driveway, we have solutions to help fix your problems. Not only can we install high quality residential drainage systems, but we also provide innovative landscape solutions including but not limited to natural berms and swells, as well as hardscaping solutions where applicable.  Call us today for a consultation and a free estimate!

Pricing: Pricing for landscape drainage installations can cost as little as $800 but varies widely due to different circumstances affecting different properties.

Landscape Lighting

One of the most overlooked ways to maximize any landscape design is by installing landscape lighting.  A low voltage landscape lighting installation will bring life to your existing or newly installed landscape both day and night.  Low voltage landscape lighting can provide ambient lighting to highlight architectural features in your hardscapes, pathways, steps, trees and shrubs, as well as your patio and dark landscape areas.  It allows you to enjoy your landscape installation even after the sun sets.  The warm or cool lighting that a landscape lighting installation provides is unbeatable. Our professional landscape lighting installation includes the selection of the proper gauge of landscape wiring (12/14/16), selection of the proper wattage of transformer, selection of fixtures to fit your budget, selection of the proper LED lumens with each fixture to light appropriately, as well as clean up. 

Pricing:  When it comes to landscape lighting, the number of fixtures and quality of fixtures along with linear footage usually drives the price.  Typically, on an average size homes in the Austin, TX landscape lighting for one area of your property will start at $1600.